Lavarack Golf Course Layout & Score Card

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1st & 10th Hole

The 1st hole at LGC is a 306m Par 4 dog leg left, it has both a hazard and out of bounds to the left the length of the hole and can catch those who try to cut the dog leg and reach the green in one. It has a generous fairway width and a long narrow green with unsuspecting gentle undulation.

The 10th hole is a straight 215m Par 3 and for those who can reach it in one shot will find it difficult to stop the ball on the narrow green, again there is both hazard and out of bounds to the left.

2nd & 11th Hole

The 2nd hole is a modest 475m Par 5 which is rated the second hardest hole on the course due to an out of bounds for the entire length of the hole and a water hazard in the drive landing zone for the average hitters. It is also nearly always into the prevailing wind which at times can make the hole a lot longer.

The 11th hole is a slightly longer Par 5 at 495m and is the hardest rated hole on the course and the water hazard to the right now comes into play for most players.

The green is long a narrow and mostly requires a high approach to get the ball to stop on the green as the often soft front edges of the green prevent the ball running up onto the green.

3rd & 12th Hole

The 3rd & 12th hole are pretty straight forward at 393m Par 4. Whilst a long hole there is not a lot of trouble off the tee, however the longer hitters can find the drain (hazard) crossing the fairway at 242m. The second shot can get you into trouble with a water hazard to the right from 60m out from the green. The green for this hole is a good size and will generally hold the longer approach with its back to front slope.

4th & 12th Hole

The 4th hole is a 311m Par 4 with a slight dog leg left, however longer hitters can drive the dog leg leaving a short chip onto a generous back to front sloping green with. Again the 4th hole is generally into the prevailing wind and can cause trouble at time. It has a hazard to the right for the shorter hitters and the longer hitters can find unfavourable lies from the strategically place mounds left and right of the driving area off to the side of the fairway.

The 13th hole is slightly shorter at 286m and still poses issues when the winds are up and does catch most players out at time. The 13th is rated the easiest hole of the course.

5th & 14th Hole

These holes are 105m Par 3’s and seem simple at first; however the well place trees and prevailing wind along with a narrow and sloping green present a challenge for a relatively short Par 3. The hole also has an out of bounds to the left and a short distance past the green requiring accurate distance off the tee.

The green itself slopes from back to front and has 2 distinct levels which can test the best putters when negotiating a length of the green putt.

6th & 15th Hole

The 6th hole is a 329m Par 4 and has unsighted drive landing zone with a dog leg right, going left on this hole to open up the approach can be dangerous with long rough and a hazard all down the left of the hole and straying right on the drive puts you in amongst the trees with a difficult second shot with a 50/50 chance of getting the green in 2. Also the longer hitter run the risk of driving into the hazard left and also ending up in the palm trees to the left front of the green.

The 15th hole is a shorter 320m Par 4 with a different angle making the dog leg more acute. The hole has all the same trouble spots, however can have more of an impact due to the slightly shorter distance.

The green is a good size and has a medium slope from to back and can be difficult to read, you will also find trouble if you over shoot the green with a good sized bank to negotiate to get the ball back onto the green, again approaching this green short and hoping for run onto the green can be difficult with soft front approaches to the green.

7th & 16th Hole

Holes 7/16 are the first of our new hole and is considered a real challenge given that the hole is a 220m Par 4, the 7th tee is situated on the right hand side of the hole and has water hazard running the length of the hole and whilst the hole is of driving distance one would suggest to take it on at your own peril. Whilst going left of the tee will not afford you much trouble it will require some degree of skill to get your second shot to pull up on the upside down saucer shaped green with no room for error before getting into the long rough sounding the green or into the water hazard behind the green.

The 16th tee is to the left side of the hole and is a little more straight forward for the tee shot, however gain if you go right you are in trouble, with its unsighted landing zone approximately 60m out the hoe is one of the most daunting on the course.

8th & 17th Hole

Formerly the 9th & 18th hole the newly number 8th & 17th hole has all the elements to undo a good round, at 290m this Par 4 is not a long hole, however with it narrow fairway and out of bounds to the left the length of the hole the bail out option of using the 4th/13th fairway often sound like a good idea.

For those willing to take on the narrow fairway and the chance of hooking the drive out of bounds you will need a drive in excess of 200m to avoid the drain hazard at 195m across the fairway and it will need to be straight because approximately 60m to the right center of the fairway is another drain hazard running the remaining distance. 

Your second shot is into a small flat green with small mounds protecting the sides of the green, as with most of the LGC greens the soft front edges of the green restrict the shot bouncing approach shots. Also over shooting this green sees more trouble with another hazard only 10m from the back edge of the green.

9th & 18th Hole

To finish the course is the second of the courses new holes, the 9th hole is a 125m Par 3 with the ever present prevailing wind behind you the hole at first glance doesn't seem to hard, however the small but wide green with its big slope (back to front) is proving to be a challenge to the lowest of handicappers. The hole has out of bounds to the left for the entire hole and holding the green from the tee is a challenge. Missing the green to the back or right present a further challenge to the hole having to negotiate steep banks to get your ball back onto the putting surface.

The 18th hole is a 150m Par 3 and as for the 9th this finishing hole is proving to be a tough little Par 3.

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